The traditional stag night of strippers and lap dances has more recently been replaced with an entire weekend's worth of 'guy fun', often away from home so the scandalous naughty doings don't trickle back to those who might care. If you're planning a stag weekend for an upcoming wedding, a Bristol stag weekend offers many possibilities for memorable, unique stag activities.

Evening Activities for a Stag Weekend in Bristol

Evening Activities for a Stag Weekend in BristolAh, Bristol! If any city deserves the name of Home of Comedy, it must be Bristol. Home to Jongleurs and Jesters, a pair of world-class comedy clubs, and birthplace of Lee Evans, Justin Lee Collins and laughing gas, Bristol offers some unique possibilities for stag weekend activities. A Bristol "stag weekend" can combine an afternoon of paintballing, quad biking or five a side with an evening of carousing and comedy at one of Bristol's rightfully famed comedy clubs.The traditional stag night of strippers and lap dances has more recently been replaced with an entire weekend's worth of 'guy fun', often away from home so the scandalous naughty doings don't trickle back to those who might care. If you're planning a stag weekend for an upcoming wedding, a Bristol stag weekend offers many possibilities for memorable, unique stag activities. Among the many Bristol stag weekend activities that you might include are::: Quad Biking at a Bristol course - An obstacle course run on quad bikes can kick off a stag weekend in Bristol with a bang. Get dirty, get the blood pumping and get the testosterone primed for a night on the town later.:: Assault Course - River rafting - upstream? A Bristol stag weekend favorite is an assault course that pits your team against the river - and other teams on a home-built raft made of articles bought in a 'ship's store'. It's another blood-raising activity that will prime the pumps for a hot night on the town later.:: Bavarian Bierkellar - Instead of a nightclub, take the Stag out for a beer-filled night at a mini-Munich Bierfest. With oversized steins of the best brews in the world, and lots of raucous fun, it's a Bristol stag weekend standard.:: Comedy Club - Bristol is the home of comedy - and the comedians that play the Bristol comedy clubs are past masters at pointing the finger at stags out celebrating their last nights of freedom. No Bristol stag weekend would be complete without a night of gut-busting howlers at a Bristol comedy club.That's just a small handful of the activities that a Bristol stag do might include. You'll find more ideas at the Bristol Board of Tourism web site, or from a UK tour operator and event organiser.

Family Fun and Finery on Oregon's Coast

Family Fun and Finery on Oregon

It's a place of incredible romantic possibilities, with unbelievably pristine beaches and rugged shorelines, and plenty of hidden spots perfecting for long walks hand-in-hand, finding yourselves all alone. With such gushiness-inducing qualities, it's no surprise you'll soon wind up reproducing. Lucky you. Oregon's coast is perfect for families as well. Those hidden spots put you and the little ones right in the middle of some of the best nature can show off. Then there are the myriad of kid-friendly lodgings, restaurants and towns which pull out the stops for the kidlets or bring out the kid in everyone. Still, you don't have to sacrifice the finer things when you bring the kids. On Oregon's north coast, the tiny town of Manzanita is endowed with a mysterious, woodsy vibe just above its vast expanse of crystalline beach. Here, the San Dune Inn provides a vast array of freebies like bikes, game equipment, popcorn and movies. Stay at this charming, unassuming place just blocks from the beach and you'll find stuff for volleyball and other games suitable for the sand, as well as beach balls, bikes and simple sandcastle-making gear like buckets. They have an enormous selection of movies, and their choice of board games is a kick as well. It's a kid's dream come true.It's also very pet friendly. 888-368-5163.Head northward, and you'll encounter dozens of sandy and rocky beaches perfect for playtime. Drive about 12 miles and you'll find the ritzy resort town of Cannon Beach. Near a famed Lewis & Clark landmark, Fultano's Pizza sits and emits wonderful smells of Italian cuisine. With an outdoor patio here, you can still see some of the sights available at the end of Second Street, and enjoy exceptional - even gourmet quality - cuisine at a family pizza joint price.Fultano's delivers to local hotels, and they feature slices for lunch. They have a special thin crust recipe that's especially tasty, crunchy and yet still tender in a way that manages to combine both those latter qualities seamlessly. There are many of the standbys, as well as gourmet varieties like the Margherita (garlic and herb olive oil, three cheeses, red onion and more), a Greek-themed specialty, a Goat Cheese pizza, and specialties with Teriyaki Chicken, Linguica, BBQ Chicken and a variety of seafood selections. One item features a distinctive sausage with mashed grapes for the sauce, providing a subtle, sweet tang. The sausage is spicy and zippy, making a nice balance to the slight sweetness. One must-try is their pasta (about $10). They have a homemade tomato sauce that is one stunning, mother-of-all sauces, and their meatballs are a serious delicacy. Still, even with its decent wine and microbrew selection, this is a place that welcomes the kiddies nicely. 200 N. Hemlock and Second Street. (503) 436-9717. Drive north again, to Seaside, and you'll find a beach town full of things to do for children - most notably Broadway Ave. with its almost dozen arcade businesses, ice cream vendors, kooky gift shops, bumper cars and other attractions. See for more. One highlight is Seaside Helicopters, which whizzes you around above the town for about $25 per person. It's thoroughly spectacular, as the helicopter takes you over the headland of Tillamook Head and "Cannon Beach" as well, allowing you unforgettable glimpses of the sea and these landmarks from this unusual vantage point. You even get to see "Goonies Rock" - where part of the cult film was made. Hwy 101, S. Seaside. (503) 440-4123.Down on the Central Oregon Coast - about 100 miles south - it's a vast playground for kids and adults. Lincoln City is filled with miles of super clean beaches and tons of shops and restaurants.Just south of "Lincoln City" , you'll find another haven for families in a very unique resort called Bella Beach. Really, it's a collection of rather upscale, gorgeous beach cottages that are vacation rentals or for sale. There are about 40 rentals available inside this pretty place, and more are still being built.The philosophy of "Bella Beach" is to create a place with a "neighborly feel," and indeed they've succeeded. Set in the midst of a Central Coast wooded area, there are the rustic architectural themes common to places like Manzanita or Cannon Beach, where garages are tucked away behind the buildings and front porches are the emphasis.There's a playground for the kiddies, and the homes vary from hideaway lodgings for two with oceanfront hot tubs, to larger accommodations for bigger groups. Bella Beach also offers up accommodations for groups as large as 60, if you happen to have a business retreat or reunion of some sort.Then there's that wondrous beach. Like many of the beaches in the area, the tide line is at a rather steep slope, so waves come in fast and hard, but dissipate quickly to shyly lap at your feet. 866-994-7026 or

The Beauty of a Glass Top Humidor

The Beauty of a Glass Top Humidor

In addition to a standard humidor, travel, cabinet, and glass top humidors bring joy to the true cigar aficionado. For the cigar smoker who may not need the massive design of a cabinet humidor but still wants to add weight to his or her prized collection of fine cigars, glass top humidors are an excellent selection. The term glass top humidor does not refer to the design or materials used in the manufacturing of the humidor. Instead, a more common understanding of the glass top humidor is desktop humidor.The glass top humidor is very popular for several reasons. First, the investment necessary to purchase a glass top humidor is much less than for a cabinet humidor. A search on the internet reveals that there are countless glass top humidors for less than $200 that come in untold designs, shapes and quality. The average cigar capacity of a glass top humidor can vary from smaller units that hold 25 or so cigars to larger units that keep upwards of 200 cigars. Anyone needing to maintain more than 200 cigars will need to research buying a smaller chest size humidor or a small to large cabinet humidor. As with cabinet humidors, the most common interior wood is the Spanish cedar wood for its quality in maintaining humidity levels and for adding rich flavors to the cigar.One additional offering with glass top humidors is that they will almost always offer external hygrometers (the gauge for determining the internal humidity levels.) This is extremely important for two reasons. For one, if the glass top humidor needs to be opened each time to determine the humidity levels, each time the case is opened, the humidity level will fluctuate. This can lead to the humidifier being overworked and possibly failing. Secondly, one must observe and monitor the levels to determine the effectiveness of any humidor and if there is a failure in the humidifier.Again, glass top humidors, also referred to as desktop humidors, are a small investment and can be enjoyed by any cigar aficionado.

The Symbol Of Power Tower Of London

The Symbol Of Power  Tower Of London

The tower of London has been an integral part of British Royal History for nearly 1000 years. Only at this place one can marvel at the breathtaking beauty of Crown Jewels and stand on the execution site of three British queens.The Tower of London has a very interesting story behind it. It was begun by a man who was not even English, William of Normandy. At the time he was the cousin of Englands Kind Edward. It all started because William became outraged when Edward backed down on his promise to give the throne to William and ended up giving the throne to his English brother-in-law, Harold. William sailed his army across the English Channel to conquer England. On October 14, 1066, he met Harold at Hastings and conquered him. On Christmas Day later that year, popularly known as William the conqueror - was crowned King of England. Immediately after William took over as king, he built forts everywhere. One stood in the southeastern corner of London, near an old Roman wall on the north bank of the Thames River. William ordered that this fort be removed in 1078 to be replaced by a huge stone stronghold. This would be the symbol of his power, a fortress for his defense, and a prison for his enemies. He named it the Tower of London.The Tower was finished twenty years later, rising nearly one hundred feet high, with its walls fifteen feet thick in certain places. Inside were a chapel, apartments, guardrooms, and crypts. The Tower was protected by a wide ditch, a new stone wall, the old Roman wall, and the river. This was done to secure the fact that this tower was a prison that no prisoner would escape from. After the death of Henry VII, the Tower of London was never again used to house an English queen or king. One can gain a fascinating insight into the role of the Crown Jewels in royal pageantry with introductory films which include rare color footage of HM Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. Once inside the Treasury, one can marvel at the Imperial State Crown worn at the State Opening of Parliament and be dazzled by the worlds largest, top-quality cut diamond, Cullinan I, set in the Sovereign's Sceptre. The Yeoman Warders have guarded this royal palace and fortress for centuries they captivate one with amazing stories, passed on from generation to generation, and guide to the infamous Traitors Gate and the execution site..A spectacular programme of special events runs throughout the year. Costumed guides bring the intrigue, tales and daring exploits associated with The Tower to life.Is it any wonder that the Tower Of London is the Britains leading historic visitor attraction? It was here that Anne Boleyn was executed. Guy Fawkes interrogated. Richard II and Elizabeth I incarcerated and the Princes in the Tower disappeared without trace.Standing guard by the River Thames, The Tower is an impressive London landmark. Find out the secrets that lie within its walls, marvel at the breathtaking Crown Jewels, stand on the site where three English queens were beheaded and explore the myths and legends that make a visit to The Tower a fantastic day out.

Patpong - Nightlife Entertainment in Bangkok

Patpong is renowned for its go-go bars, discos and late night "constellations." Despite it's somewhat unsavory reputation, it's remarkably safe to visit - though it's as well to stick to the downstairs bars, as some of the upper floor establishments have been known to overcharge. Soi Patpong 1 has a few go go bars but is mainly a shopping street where foreign couples shop and drink. Soi Patpong 2 has numerous smaller beer bars (ba bia in Thai), as well as a row of karaoke establishments and the most popular restaurants on the strip. Soi Patpong 3, an unassuming dead-end lane, is more of a gay venue. The strip comes alive in the early evening, but with the exception of a handful of constellations is more-or-less closed down by 1am. Although sex is for sale in Patpong, the area is much more than just a red light area, being frequented by young Thais and foreign visitors who dance, talk and dine into the small hours.What to see tonight?Ping Pong ShowBlack Marker writing from pussyBig neon string pulled from pussy (2-3 meter)Water transfer from bottle to bottleDropping weird neon light balls in to a cupNaked Dancing

The Automatic Champion

Babe Didrickson Zaharias was a phenomenal athlete. This Texan ran, jumped, rode horses, and played basketball and baseballwith tremendous flair.In the Olympic tryouts in 1932, she won five first places in track and field events. In the games of that year in Los Angeles, she won a gold medal in the womens 80 meter hurdles, a gold medal in the javelin throw, and a silver medal in the high jump.After the Olympics, Zaharias turned to golf. Although she started from scratch, she won the National Womens Amateur and the British Womens Amateur.The press hailed her as a natural athlete. They often referred to as an automatic champion.But the real story behind Zaharias fairy-tale success was her painstaking diligence. Her success came from studied repetition. In every sport she undertook, she was methodical, deliberate, and persistent. She was neither natural nor automatic.When, for example, she played golf for the first time, she did not automatically master the game. Instead she studied the game carefully, covering all its complex skill sets, under the tutelage of the finest golf teacher she could find. She looked at all the elements of the golf swing, broke it down into parts, then put it all together in a fluid movement.Besides using an analytical approach to understand the game, Zaharias also locked the information into her motor nervous system through exhaustive practice. She would spend as many as 12 hours a day on the golf course, hitting as many as a thousand balls. Her hands would often becomes so sore that she could hardly grip her club. She stopped only long enough to tape up her hands before picking up the club again.Zaharias learned to play golf the right way. She started out by hiring an exceptional teacher. She analyzed each part of the golf swing then put them all together in a fluid motion. She practiced for about 12 hours a day. She exercised self-discipline and self-sacrifice. And she didnt doubt herself. Her previous successes had created an enduring self-confidence. She believed that if she applied herself she would be a golf champion. She proved this belief true.Zaharias took a risk. She risked her reputation as an athlete by trying something new. She also risked the time and money it cost her to perfect her new sport.Above all, she was methodical in the way she went about inventing herself as a champion golfer. She chose a gifted teacher, studied all aspects of the game, and put her new knowledge into practice, converting theory into motor learning, coordination, and stamina.


The traditional stag night of strippers and lap dances has more recently been replaced with an entire weekend's worth of 'guy fun', often away from home so the scandalous naughty doings don't trickle back to those who might care. If you're planning a stag weekend for an upcoming wedding, a Bristol stag weekend offers many possibilities for memorable, unique stag activities.